Portable USB Monitors

USB Video (DisplayLink)

At Mimo Monitors, we know the importance of having a reliable portable video monitor that doesn’t need to sit at home. Our customers work, study, and live in an always-on-the-go world, and in the age of constant online connection, it’s important to them to have a portable device that meets their needs, wherever they are.

That’s where our selection of portable USB powered monitors comes in – packed with high-performance components and intuitive features; they’re capable of handling any kind of process you can throw at them. Regardless whether you need a multi-touch monitor with compatibility with our USB Extender or an open-frame display, Mimo Monitors has you covered.

Our multi-touch models, such as the Mimo Magic Touch 10" Touchscreen and Mimo UM-760 Portable 7" Touchscreen Display, are designed to help you streamline your tasks and create a more efficient and enjoyable end-user experience. We also offer capacitive and non-touch models, some of which have full HDMI compatibility right out of the box. They are designed to be highly resilient and durable, lasting for years of consistently efficient performance to benefit your personal or business system-related needs.

We also have several open-frame systems readily available, which can quickly be swapped out with existing monitors in pre-built enclosures. This is perfect for equipment upgrades and workplace performance increases. Regardless of your choice, our selection of portable USB powered monitors provide high speeds, respond accurately to input and are supported by a wide array of popular operating systems including Linux, Windows 7-10 and Mac OS (some systems require a driver to enable touch functionality on Mac OS). When it comes to quality performance, reliable durability, user-friendliness and easy integration with your existing environment, Mimo Monitors’ portable USB powered monitors are the ideal solution to benefit your business or personal computing needs.

Select one of our several portable USB powered display monitors to get started: