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Audio Video over Internet Protocol (AV-over-IP) is the transmission of audio/video data over a network such as a LAN, WAN, or the internet utilizing CATx cable. As opposed to traditional AV environments, AV-over-IP refers to the use of standard network equipment to transmit, control and switch video and audio. This allows for significantly more flexibility with room setup and less cabling in AV projects. In short, a scalable AV environment not only results in less hassle and greater ease-of-use due to simpler cabling, but also results in significant cost savings when future-proofing conference rooms, board rooms, huddle spaces, etc.

More complex AV systems require longer distance transmission, higher bandwidth and even plans for future expansion. The flexibility that AV-over-IP offers leaves no doubt that it is the future of AV system transmission and control. In addition, installation is easier since power is never required at the table and only one standard Ethernet cable is needed for connectivity. Conference rooms are evolving as our working environment changes, meaning that we need to be prepared for easily flexible and moveable setups, which AV-over-IP allows.

The overall answer is no. While the upfront cost of the hardware may be more expensive, the reduction in installation costs, cabling, and long-term maintenance makes the overall long-term investment more cost effective. You can learn more on this cost comparison chart on our website.

Myst is the display, and the name of our new generation of products. The Link is the power over ethernet (PoE) encoder box.

The Link needs to be connected to the PC, so the Link will typically sit behind the large display with the PC.

Yes, the part number MY-1090CV is a kit that includes both the display and encoder for the MSRP price of $999.99.

The Link encoder box is 8.25” x 3.75” x 1”.

The Myst display only comes in 10.1” diagonal screen size.

The Link encoder box is one to one only.

The Link encoder box was designed to supply the 802.3af PoE standard, 15.4 watts of power, to the Myst display.

The connection between the Link and the PC is a USB 3.0 cable.

Yes, the Myst display can function as a typical touch display. Any application that wants to utilize the Myst display would do so as if it were any other display connected over HDMI or USB.

No, once the drivers are installed, the Myst operates as just a display and while the Myst Link has SOC logic and microcontrollers on it, there is not an operating system. The Myst for Android is a different product, and does run Android which is preferred for some UCC installations.

No proprietary drivers are needed, the Myst Link will work with all standard Microsoft drivers. Upon initial installation, the PC should be connected to the internet, as Windows will download all required drivers.

Yes, the touch panel is HID compliant.

The total round-trip frame-to-frame latency is between 40 and 60 milliseconds, undetectable by the human eye.

Yes, the Myst Link Display has a USB C connector as a pass thru that can provide up to 5 watts to power devices at the table, for devices such as a speaker/microphone box. While any USB device should be supported, the connection is only USB2.0 compliant and is bandwidth limited.

Yes, it is encrypted.

Yes, video traffic in both directions it is compressed, but is visually lossless.


With 4K being sent from the table to the PC, it requires approximately 800Mb. A Gigabit connection is required. The Myst Link will not function on a 100Mb connection.

It does not comply with 802.1x, for example, but if security is a concern, then a good approach would be to use a dedicated wire.

No, the data is not of a format that is compatible with VLC (or similar) application.

This is being considered for a future release.

Link, Myst, 0.5-meter USB 3.0 cable, 5 meter Cat5, 1 meter HDMI, Power Supply for Link

Mimo is pursuing the necessary certifications in the countries listed below for launch:

  • US
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Australia/New Zealand

Other countries will follow as demand dictates.