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In today’s college environments students rely on collaboration, efficiency, and productivity to make it through their degree and any tough exams or projects they face along the way. College students are often studying or working late into the night, so ensuring that the technology they utilize is tough enough to withstand consistent use at all hours of the day and can do so reliably is crucial.

We offer a vast variety of video conferencing solutions that are ideal for on-campus huddle rooms and study rooms, no matter the size of the space, so that students can seamlessly connect in person and from afar. It’s also essential that huddle rooms and conference room availability can be simply and easily reserved in real-time so that students have quick turnaround times for room reservations and know which spaces are open for use. We offer premium and reliable display solutions for outside of room booking to simplify this process.

Additionally, digital signage around campus can be a hugely helpful tool for universities who want to communicate information in an efficient yet widespread way around campus. This can be a great way to disseminate important information around campus such as a large event, dates of closure, emergencies and more.

University of Colorado

This renowned university leveraged our Adapt-IQV tablet to simplify their process for the reservations of study rooms. By utilizing the Adapt-IQV students can self-reserve high-use study rooms with quick turnarounds of only a day. This eliminated the hassle of not knowing what rooms are in-use when and offered the University of Colorado a frictionless process that increased productivity and efficiency for the students on campus. To read more about our involvement with the University of Colorado, check out this case study.

University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut utilizes our Adapt-IQV tablets for a high-end, seamless solution to provide quick information to students and teachers on the spot, allowing for last minute changes to class schedules and location without confusion. The university was a fan of the Adapt-IQV’s all-in-one capabilities since it also has a built-in camera and power over Ethernet. They also utilized the technology during the Covid-19 pandemic to engage in effective contact tracing through the use of QR-codes.

Valcom: In Collaboration with the Los Angeles School District:

Valcom leveraged the Adapt-IQV tablet as part of a larger-scale earthquake warning system that is deployed in all Los Angeles public schools. This setup allows the school district to be aware of any incoming earthquakes and to get their students and the school immediately prepared so they can take the appropriate action.

Our Solutions:

Mimo Monitors is proud to offer a stable of products that can optimize the education space for both students and staff such as the Adapt-IQV and Mimo Vue with BrightSign Built-In, ideal for room scheduling or on-campus digital signage, and the entire Myst Link family which is ideal for video conferencing in study rooms, huddle rooms, or conference rooms. No matter the need, Mimo’s got you covered.