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Why Your Digital Signage Should Include Video Content

Why Your Digital Signage Should Include Video Content

Why Your Digital Signage Should Include Video Content

If you’re looking to set your brand and message apart while keep up with the age of digital technology, maybe it’s time for you to consider investing in digital signage that incorporates video content.

Video Content Captures Attention

Whether you’re looking to gain customers attention as they browse on by or simply set your standards high above the competitors, video content is the way to go. There’s no denying that video monitors displayed in storefronts grab and keep people’s attention. They make you turn to take that double look, or backtrack a few steps to see what a brand is all about.

Video content on bright, vivid small monitors provides visual stimulation to shoppers and passersby, giving you the opportunity to communicate your message and inform people of promotions in ways that static or print advertising cannot offer.

Video Content Better Communicates Your Brand

Additionally, videos can allow you to articulate your brand and mission directly to clientele through audio and visual content. This allows for a more thorough understanding of your message and better retention by those watching. With visual cues and imagery, you can allow your customers to envision the unique value proposition that your brand has to offer. With text or static images, you simply can’t gain those same reactions.

How Mimo Monitors Can Help

This is where Mimo Monitors come into play. We can provide that perfect platform for displaying your content. Mimo offers a variety of small monitors and touchscreen monitors for your convenience. With the 7” Multi-Point Capacitive Display screen, you can install monitors just about anywhere to grasp your customer’s attention and show them why your brand is right for them. Or, conversely, with the 19” Open Framed Display, you can reach beyond the window and pull in the attention of those passing by.

Mimo offers the smallest footprint and lowest cost of entry into monitor touchscreen functionality. The technology combines video, touch, and power into one USB connection. This means you can easily connect up to 14 displays to one computing device.

Video Content Is the Future

Simply stated, digital signage that incorporates video content is the way of the future. It is one of the best methods for advertising that utilize visual and audio stimuli to capture your customer’s attention and gain the recognition of new ones that may simply be passing by. Videos are memorable and leave a distinctive impression, and Mimo display monitors are the perfect platform for allowing your brand to create a lasting digital mark.


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