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Cool Tech: Biometric Payments

Cool Tech: Biometric Payments

Cool Tech: Biometric Payments

Forget your pin number? Don’t worry! Soon your password and even your credit card will be a figment of the past. In the near future, all you’ll need is yourself. With biometric payment technology on the rise, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your password or credit card again.

What are Biometric Payments?

Biometrics are the way of the future. Forget about swiping or even tapping your credit card for payment. Instead, imagine that all you need is to simply use your fingerprints, voice, or facial features as authorization for payments. It is the way of the future and the reality that is unfolding for seeking out the best way to secure your credit cards and money.

How Do They Work?

To break it down a little further, to improve your convenience and security, biometrics won’t even require your smartphone. It will replace these with a monitor system where you will simply need to scan your fingerprints, scan your facial features - such as the retina in your eye - or simply utilize your voice to unlock your money.

Where is this Already Being Used?

Big names such as Apple and Samsung have already begun utilizing facial recognition and fingerprint technology for some of their features. For example, with iTunes and the App Store on the iPhone 5s, fingerprint technology has already been offered as a method for payment.

Some other places have already begun to incorporate this technology as well. For example, Quixter, which was developed in Sweden by an engineering student, allows shoppers to authorize payments by scanning their fingerprints on the Lund University campus. The system has quickly gained attention with more than 1,600 active users on board.

What’s the Platform for this Technology?

Mimo technology is at the forefront for delivering a platform for biometric payments. With a range of compact touchscreen monitors that use Display Link™ technology, they provide video, touch, and power over a single connection. Additionally, weighing in at less than one pound and less than one-inch thick, they are the perfect compact displays for featuring this type of versatile engineering for biometric payments requiring fingerprint or facial recognition technology.

So if you’ve been wondering what the future has in store, turn your eyes towards biometrics and Mimo touch screen monitors. They go hand-in-hand for paving the way of new, innovative engineering, including authorization of payments. Forget about smartphones and wallets, this is the way of the future, and what you can expect to unfold in your neighborhood grocery store over the next few years. With Mimo Monitors, the future is an exciting place.


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