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Mimo in Use: Royal Caribbean Cruises

Mimo in Use: Royal Caribbean Cruises


The most technologically advanced cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, the Anthem of the Seas, boasts a number of innovative entertainment options. You can feel what it is like to fly using their on-deck sky diving simulator. You can take a 360-degree tour of the surroundings using the on-deck viewing capsule. You can also visit the ship’s luxurious on-board casino, which features state-of-the-art display technology from Mimo Monitors. Read on to learn more about how Mimo Monitors plays a role in the casino of this grand cruise ship.


Dynamic Pricing


On a busy cruise ship, the amount of volume a casino will see can vary widely. How is the weather outside? Is there an event going on? Is the ship currently docked in a major port? Because of this, the casino needed a solution in order to encourage play for people who may shy away from big crowds or large bets. Each table is equipped with a Mimo LCD Display that clearly displays what the current minimum and maximum bets are. Using a third-party casino management software solution, the casino is able to decrease or increase the bet amount based on how slow or busy the casino currently is.


For example, if someone passing sees that the current minimum bet for a blackjack table is $1, they may be more likely to make a few bets just for the experience. The opposite is true for the big rollers as well. During a busy night, the casino can change the min/max bets to encourage people to bet big in the hopes of a huge payout. Dynamic betting has proven very successful, encouraging more play during down hours and bigger bets during peak hours.


Mimo LCD Displays


The beautiful Mimo UM-1080C-OF LCD Display is the screen featured in the Anthem of the Seas’ state-of-the-art casino. These 1280x800 LCD displays offers the widest viewing angle of all of Mimo’s 10.1” monitors, which is perfect for capturing the attention of casinogoers and passers-by. These monitors are easily integrated into other equipment or enclosures, such as a blackjack table. They are incredibly light-weight as well, weighing less than one pound. The UM-1080C-OF display is a cost-effective solution for the consumer, retail POS and hospitality markets.


If Mimo Monitors are advanced enough for the most technologically advanced cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, just think about how their small monitors, touchscreens, and displays could help your business.


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