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An Insider’s Look at a Day in the Life of Mimo Monitors CEO David Anderson

An Insider’s Look at a Day in the Life of Mimo Monitors CEO David Anderson

 At Mimo Monitors, we’ve been lucky enough to be experiencing tremendous growth, expanding into new markets and launching new products, which has kept our team busy and engaged. Our team can always count on a quick pace, a busy schedule, and a consistently evolving marketplace.

Because of the fast pace we maintain, no two days for any member of our team are alike. With our small, yet strong and agile team, each member wears many hats, requiring them to be flexible and adaptable to the varying and ever-changing needs that the company many have at any given time.

Our President & CEO, David Anderson, finds himself consistently involved in all aspects of the business ranging from developing products, to managing customers, and marketing. Consistently focused on putting Mimo’s customers at the forefront, he’s always working to ensure that our products are the highest quality, while pushing new boundaries to innovate.

Because of the many hats he wears, there’s simply no “typical” day for him. However, in this “day in the life series” we thought it would be interesting to pull back the curtain and show what some of our team members do in a day.  Here’s a look at a day in our CEO & President, David Anderson’s life at the Mimo Monitors office:

8:00 AM: Come in and quickly catch up on what happened the night before. We are a worldwide business, so every morning there are things that happened in Europe and Asia while I was out. My inbox is filled today with a number of questions from our manufacturing team in Korea.

9:00 AM: Have a meeting with the CEO and CTO of a potential new Digital Signage Software Vendor that would like to partner with Mimo. We often collaborate across companies to ensure the end customer gets a reliable, tested solution. Interestingly, this vendor was motivated to contact me because of a podcast I recently recorded with Dave Haynes of SIXTEEN:NINE, a leading digital signage media outlet.

10:00 AM: Time for a meeting with a large customer who recently rolled out the first 50 units of a large deployment. It’s going quite well—just a few small issues in the software that they would like addressed. Luckily, we had already noticed this and fixed it. The discussion moves to deployment of the new software and time line for their next installation.

11:00 AM: Dig into financial performance and forecasting. We are growing quickly and trying to determine when to add people to our staff. We need the help!

11:30 AM: Quick chat with my senior staff to set priorities for the next couple of weeks and to hear about progress and what’s new.

12:00 PM: Go home for lunch. I’m only a couple miles from home and it gives me a mid-day break.

1:30 PM: Discuss ongoing projects with the marketing team. We’re in the process of starting an upcoming non-profit initiative, so we’re talking through next steps to get that off the ground.

4:00 PM: Meeting with the CEO and Engineering lead at Tanvas, our new haptic feedback partner to finalize some engineering details, and to discuss some contract details.

5:00 PM: Dig into a discussion about a new need and grab the CMO for a standing meeting. Come up with a possible solution, spend five minutes mocking it up in Photoshop, and call a critical partner. Email them the mock-up and discuss the solution. They like it. Now the fun begins, designing yet another product accessory!

6:30 PM: Commute home.

EVENING: Spend time with the family and respond to quick questions over email or chat after hours. Asia is just starting their day.

If discussing cutting-edge topics like haptic feedback and planning a large product deployment sounds like your ideal day at the office, his job may just be right up your alley.

As an engineer-turned-entrepreneur, he has grown the business with his leadership and creativity.

To learn more, visit mimomonitors.com/pages/who-we-are, and check back for a day in the life of our CMO, coming soon.


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