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Digital Signage in the Workplace is Important

Digital Signage in the Workplace is Important

If you’re trying to disseminate company updates, important industry news, or HR announcements to your employees, it can be hard to compete with other tasks vying for employees’ attention. The day is filled with meetings, emails, projects, and client communications, so checking postings on an internal social network or portal is not a priority. Digital signage provides a compelling alternative form of memorable communication such as dynamic video clips and easily digestible newsfeeds that employees can quickly absorb as they go about their day.

Companies are Using Digital Signage to Better Communicate with Employees

According to ScreenCloud, good internal communications––including digital screens––make employees 25% more productive. As a result, 56% of internal communication teams are considering increasing the use of digital signage within their organization. Displays can now be found at the employee entrance and in the break room, as well as in the halls of office buildings, throughout manufacturing plants, and near employees’ work stations. And digital signage is effective in virtually any workplace or industry, including manufacturing, education, healthcare, corporate, insurance, and HR, and so many more. Forward-thinking companies are using digital signage to improve communication with employees with content designed to motivate, influence, and inspire them. An employee digital signage system will never replace good management communications, but it will help keep employees up to date on companywide initiatives and other relevant information in a more engaging way than email.

Ways to Use Digital Signage

Of course, digital signage can help HR inform employees of things like open enrollments for health insurance, shift adjustments, details on benefit programs, companywide meetings, and personnel changes. They can also play an essential role in conveying evacuation procedures and making emergency announcements. But there are a number of creative ways to use digital signage in the workplace that are truly limited only by your imagination:

  • Celebrate Birthdays and Work Anniversaries – The public gesture of putting an employee’s name “up in lights” is a powerful way to recognize them and make them feel appreciated.
  • Welcome Your Clients And Prospects – Seeing their company’s name and logo displayed prominently not only makes visitors feel valued, it subtly demonstrates that your company is detail-oriented and easy to work with.
  • Display Employee Submissions – Consider displaying photos or video of what your employees do in their off hours, including hobbies, sports, and charity events. This clearly demonstrates that you value your employees for more than their contributions in the workplace and allows your staff to get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • Go Behind The Scenes – Office personnel can sometimes be a bit removed from where a product is manufactured or where a service actually takes place. Sharing this viewpoint helps them get the big picture and see how their work affects others.
  • Celebrate Successes – Featuring photos and videos of your customer’s successes shows your employees how their contributions lead to such results and the outcome of their strong efforts.
  • Poll Your Workforce – Use an interactive display on digital signage to pose a multiple choice question or ask for ideas and comments. This shows your employees that you’re listening to them and that you welcome their thoughts and opinions.

We believe digital signage in the workplace will continue to proliferate and evolve, with heavy adoption of interactive touchscreens in office settings. Here at Mimo Monitors, our products can be used throughout an employee digital signage system. For example, our 10” to 21.5” touch and non-touch displays are perfect for employee digital signage in small spaces like hallways or even bathrooms. And our 23.8” and 27” touch and non-touch displays are ideal for digital signage in larger spaces that are still too small for giant 42” and 55” displays. To find out more, view our product collection.


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