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ISE 2019 Partners -- Utelogy

ISE 2019 Partners -- Utelogy

With an increase in remote workers, a shift to a greater gig-based economy, and more worldwide collaboration, conference rooms needed to evolve to suit today’s workplace needs. A major change has been an increase in huddle rooms, small meeting spaces designed to fit 4-7 people, replacing large-scale traditional conference rooms of the past. Because offices are requiring more huddle rooms vs. just a few behemoth conference rooms, there’s also been a need for outfitting more rooms at a lower price point per room but still delivering a high-quality experience.

In huddle rooms, it is imperative that A/V solutions are equip with hardware and software that are flexible, simple to use, and have an intuitive human interface. It’s also essential that both hardware and software components are designed to fit the need and are intended to work well together.

Our Adapt-IQV 10.1” tablet is an ideal conference room product, reliable, designed for hard use and sure to withstand the test of time. In the design, there was also a large focus placed on making it simple to use, with no battery required, and easy to scale for a high-quality user experience.

Our Mimo Adapt-IQV pairs nicely with one of our partners, Utelogy a software solution and AV management system. Utelogy is highly customizable, allowing for a flexible single platform solution for a myriad of uses.

At ISE 2019, taking place in Amsterdam February 5-8th 2019, the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display will be on display in Utelogy’s booth, providing a strong example of how the hardware and software seamlessly integrate together. Both Mimo Monitors and Utelogy are part of the AVT Distribution family. To check it out, stop by Utelogy’s booth (Booth #14-M170) at ISE 2019.


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