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Mimo Monitors Announces Digital Signage Partnership with Tanvas

Mimo Monitors Announces Digital Signage Partnership with Tanvas

Utilizing Haptics to Add Tactility to Touchscreens at Infocomm 2018 in Booth N2446

TanvasTouch cultivates high engagement and a transformative customer experience through the integration and power of physical touch

CHICAGO, IL—June 6, 2018— Mimo Monitors (www. MimoMonitors.com), the experts in small touchscreen displays, are proud to announce their partnership with Tanvas, making them the first to bring haptics technology to the digital signage arena. A hands-on demonstration of TanvasTouch is available to experience at Infocomm 2018 in Mimo Monitors booth, N2446.

TanvasTouch utilizes haptics and touchscreen technology to allow customers to feel texture through the screen, cultivating a rich and powerful experience. TanvasTouch technology— invented by haptics pioneers Ed Colgate and Michael Peshkin in the Neuroscience and Robotics Lab at Northwestern University—utilizes electrostatics to control friction and create a virtual touchable canvas. Ranging from distinguishing edges, clicks and collisions, to textures such as smooth, bumpy, or soft, the groundbreaking technology allows customers to feel what they see for the first time.

The small, approachable size of the Mimo Monitors Vue Capacitive Touch Display allows the haptics-integrated experience to feel intuitive and personal, letting customers interact at a scale they’re already familiar with. Mimo Monitors’ reputation for reliability and pedigree in digital signage innovation was a key reason that Tanvas sought out Mimo as an ideal partner.

“Because of Mimo Monitors’ industry expertise and proven reputation, we know we can work together to create a product that will transform how people experience touch,“ said Ed Colgate, CEO and Co-Founder of Tanvas. “TanvasTouch has the ability to change how people interact with and perceive everything from textures, to brand experiences, to their everyday life. We look forward to transforming the digital signage industry together with Mimo Monitors.”

“The TanvasTouch technology is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It allows a typically stagnant touchscreen to come to life in an engaging way,” said David Anderson, CEO and President of Mimo Monitors. “Our proprietary, high-quality touchscreen technology and digital signage expertise in tandem with Tanvas’ innovative surface haptics technology makes for an ideal partnership. We’re very much looking forward to bringing the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch to market and providing customers with a powerful and new interactive medium.”

The joint solution is slated for Q418 availability. Pre-orders will be available to select partners. To learn more and experience TanvasTouch technology at Infocomm, visit Mimo Monitors booth #N2446. You can also make an appointment for a hands-on demo here:


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Mimo Monitors was founded in 2008 to provide customers and partners with personalized customer service and the best quality small footprint small displays, touch screens, and tablets at the best value. Striving to provide customers with a technical partnership to develop customized solutions with leading edge technologies, Mimo Monitors has grown into a leading supplier of touch solutions for a wide variety of markets and Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Hertz, and VeriFone. From interactive POP digital signage, to desktop and mounted control panels, to point of sale systems, hands-on kiosks, and portable applications, our unique single USB connection allows for a myriad of innovative applications.



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