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10.1-inch Displays

At Mimo Monitors, we know that every environment has a specific set of needs and system requirements to maintain maximum operating efficiency and the results expected. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive collection of 10-inch monitors and interactive touchscreen monitors designed to not just meet these needs, but often exceed them.

We have an ample selection of multi-touch and resistive touch products in stock regularly, including the popular Mimo Magic Monster, Magic Touch Deluxe and Vue Capture, the latter of which comes complete with full HDMI capture support right out of the box. These systems are designed to be highly intuitive yet simplistic to operate, enabling for maximum user-friendliness and compatibility with all the popular operating systems such as Linux, Windows 7 and Mac OS (in most cases, a special driver is required to enable touch functionality on Mac systems).

Our non-touch 10-inch monitors are equally impressive, offering unsurpassed performance quality and durable construction. Whether you’re considering the UM-1080H open-frame HDMI display for maximum integration with your existing environment or the Mimo Adapt-IQ, the latter of which is perfect for digital signage, you’ll discover responsive and fast technology that has been designed to get the job done without any hassle.

Our systems are also compatible with devices such as our USB Extender, which utilizes power over twisted pair connections to combine video, touch, and power into a single connection. Open-frame systems are built for maximum performance while boasting a highly minimalistic, “barely-there” design that can quickly be swapped out with existing monitors in housings.

Regardless which of our high-performance and low-cost monitors you may consider, you’ll experience the same dedication by us towards premium product quality, responsive interface interaction, and total user satisfaction with each purchase.

Feel free to browse our selection to learn more about individual products.