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Mimo Media Player 10-inch Video and Audio Playback

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Designed for Advertising

In the market for an easy but efficient mountable media player for your commercial needs? The Mimo Media Player is designed for you. In addition to state-of-the-art video playback, this 10-inch device has built-in stereo speakers to add an audio element to your display. The Mimo Media Player can supercharge of all of your content, with the ability to playback MPEG, AVI, DVIX and XVID format videos, MP3 audio, and JPG and BMP images. Looking to customize the player with your own graphics? Simply use the included printable front acrylic sheet.

Available in 7” or 10.2” Sizes

The Mimo Media Player is available in two sizes to best suit your desired application: 7” (800x480 resolution) or 10.2” (1024x576 resolution). The high-quality ABS case comes standard in white, but customized colors are available upon request.

Motion Sensor Function

The optional motion sensor function features stand-by and mute modes. In stand-by mode, the audio/video output activates upon detection of human body motion. In mute mode, the audio output is disabled until detection of human body motion. The motion sensor function can be turned off or set to different play intervals with the convenient remote control.

SD Card Storage and Playback

The Mimo Media Player uses changeable SD cards with a locked cover for protection instead of built-in flash memory. This enables users to choose different memory sizes to suit the application. With a changeable SD card, your investment is protected if the SD card fails after a certain time of use; simply swap in another memory card.

Auto Update Function by Direct USB Access

There is no need to open the memory card lock to update the media files in the device. Instead, simply insert a USB key for automatic updating. With a secure file required on the USB key, only authorized users have the ability to change or update content on the device.

Quick Control Buttons

If you accidentally misplace the remote control, you can still enjoy full functionality of the device thanks to the 7 quick control buttons conveniently located on the back. Using these buttons, the user can adjust the volume, choose the current playing media file, configure the playback mode, and adjust colors, brightness, and contrast.

Auto Loop Video Playback

The Mimo Media Player will begin playing back media files automatically once connected to power. Media files can be played back in a loop, sequence, or individually. Playback can be set up by remote control or using the convenient quick control buttons found on the back of the devices. A quick sample of playback modes includes expansion horizontal, expansion vertical, fade in fade out, and more. Users can also choose to display photo messages with an adjustable interval time between messages.

Flexible Mounting Options

We can always help find or design the most suitable brackets to install, mount, and secure the player in any location. Whether the unit is mounted on a table, wall, pole, or shelf, we have a range of flexible mounting options.

Detailed Specifications

California Residents: warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene and DINP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov .