Open Frame & Multi-Purpose Displays

When it comes to sheer convenience, reliability, durability, and user-friendliness, nothing can beat Mimo Monitors’ catalogue of open-frame displays. These systems are designed to be quickly and easily swapped out with devices that are pre-installed on equipment or structural housing such as information kiosks or factory assembly line machinery.  Each of these open frame touch screen monitors has been carefully engineered to incorporate a “barely-there” minimalistic housing that incorporates exposed metals, components, and inputs for quick and seamless installation every time.

Our open-frame monitors are no slouch when it comes to performance despite being contained in such a small housing, however; they’re specifically built for maximum reliability, durability, and user appeal for years to come without running into a slowdown or other forms of trouble. They’re available in a multitude of designs to suit various tastes and needs, including resistive and capacitive multi-touch configurations. Each of our open-frame monitors is compatible with Linux, Windows 7 and Mac operating systems (please note that a special driver is required to enable touch functionality on Mac OS).

There are all sorts of exciting and intuitive variations of our open-frame displays available, including the Mimo UM-1080-OF, which is an open-frame 10.1 USB-compatible monitor. Built with a high-grade IPS panel, it provides a stellar multimedia experience with a 180-degree wide viewing angle. Other products include Mimo UM-760R-OF resistive touchscreen monitor, which is a highly streamlined system built for instant integration with existing display enclosures and is perfect for everything from retail applications to gaming. Regardless which open frame touch screen monitor you decide to select, it will also be fully compatible with our USB Extender for single-cable connections that carry power, video, and audio in a clutter-free manner.

Do you need a new input and/or display device for a POS system, digital signage, or multimedia space? Regardless of your application, Mimo’s selection of open-frame displays are designed for absolute convenience and simplified integration with your existing setup, which helps to save on needless renovations, equipment upgrades, or other expenses. Cost-effective, built to last for years, and designed to handle whatever you throw at them, they’re made to suit essentially any application you can think of perfectly. Feel free to browse our selection of open frame touch screen monitors below and discover the one that’s perfect for your needs and budget.