Commercial Tablets

Mimo Monitors is known for fast, reliable, and powerful systems that can handle whatever you want to throw at them. The perfect example is our selection of 7 to 21.5-inch commercial Android tablet computers – each has been carefully engineered for maximum performance, user-friendliness, and sheer simplicity. These commercial tablets are made to last for years to come without any requirement for maintenance or upkeep, eliminating the needless hassle and helping you be more productive than ever before.

Regardless whether you intend to use one of our tablets for office work, note-taking, video-conferencing, or even those Netflix-and-chill sessions, we have the ideal solution that can tackle any application with relative ease. Are you in need of something for bright and vivid digital signage? Highly energy efficient and easy to operate, our Mimo Adapt-IQ 7-inch digital signage tablet is purpose-built for this application – a perfect fit for hospitality and retail environments. Or, perhaps you’re in search of a large display with multi-touch capability? If so, be sure to consider our hugely popular Mimo Android commercial tablet, which comes in at a whopping 21.5 inches. Including everything from an automated on/off system, compatibility with our optional motion sensor system, and full VESA mounting support, it’s purpose-built for literally any application in need of a larger, brilliant and stunning display that is easy to use.

Our tablets are built primarily with our commercial customers in mind, which means that they incorporate a range of powerful components in their designs. From ARM Cortex A9 chipsets to 8GB of eMMC flash memory and Dual Core 1.6Ghz, Quad-Core GPU integration, they are engineered for tasks that demand maximum performance and minimal hassle. This also means that Mimo’s selection of tablet computers is perfect for personal use, for everything from social media and email to gaming, streaming, and web browsing.

Our tablets are fully compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS (driver installation required for touch input on Mac OS). They’re also built for full support of our USB Extender, which uses power-over-twisted-pair connectivity for power, video, and audio in a single-cable format. Browse our selection of tablet systems below, and you’ll surely find one that’s perfect for your needs and budget.