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Mimo Monitors is proud to partner with technology innovators around the globe. Now, we’re collaborating with Tanvas, a company that’s just as passionate about the power of touch as we are, to introduce the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch, a new groundbreaking haptic feedback touchscreen that will revolutionize the touch experience.

The first of its kind, this new 10.1” touchscreen leverages the durability, reliability, and quality of the Mimo Vue display and the groundbreaking technology of TanvasTouch to allow users to feel what they see on screen. The result is a multisensory experience that brings touch to life on a new dimension.

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Different than vibration, The Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch utilizes surface haptics, fully programmable textures on a physical surface. With no moving parts and the effects localized to the fingertip, it’s now possible for users to experience textures such as bumps, edges, and collisions. Heightening the touch experience by making it more interactive and immersive, this new touchscreen is ideal for digital signage, conference rooms, experiential exhibits and more. At a size and scale that customers are already comfortable with and requiring no new gestures or movements, the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch is intuitive to use all while creating a rich and engaging touch experience.

Browse our selection of Mimo Vue HD displays today and discover the convenience, cost-effectiveness, maximum performance potential, and an optimal user experience.

Learn more about Tanvas' innovative technology https://tanvas.co/

To activate the haptics in your new display, visit  https://tanvas.co/resources

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