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Although AV-over-IP has not been previously leveraged in conference room spaces, that’s all about to change. AV-over-IP provides many tangible benefits that allow for ultimate flexibility, unmatched productivity, and short and long-term cost savings in UCC spaces. Here are some specific reasons that AV-over-IP is an ideal choice:


With power directly at the table and no other extraneous cords, AV-over-IP provides a great deal of flexibility and versatility to arrange conference rooms and the furniture in them, for whatever the need. With more folks working remotely and conference rooms depending on agility to connect with teams in person and afar, an AV-over-IP solution makes that more seamless and achievable than ever before while maximizing usable space.


Minimizes Complexity:

Using Ethernet cabling, digestible and understandable technology that every IT person knows and is familiar with, creates less hassle with setup and maintenance. Further, the AV-over-IP controller also includes HDMI capture for further simplification and making video conferencing a breeze.






Short & Long-Term Cost Savings:

Traditional conference room setups require a large investment in extenders, extra cables, and IT installation and maintenance, which incurs both long and short-term costs. Because AV-over-IP setups allow for the power right at the table and do not require any extra cabling, this saves dramatically on cost, particularly over time. For example, in a 16+ person conference room the Mimo Myst Link provides a 261% cost savings over three years. For more cost comparisons please visit the appendix in this white paper.


A Simple, Seamless, and Reliable Solution:

Utilizing AV-over-IP is the simplest way to get the conference room up and running quickly and efficiently. Rather than relying on traditional cables that were developed for a short range, large bend radius and are limited by length of transmission, AV-over-IP only relies on one simple Ethernet cable. Fully recognized by the PC as a normal display, the AV-over-IP setup is simple, seamless, and hassle-free. The result is less hassle, less complexity, and increased reliability and performance.

Why choose a USB connected display?

Why choose a USB connected display over a standard VGA or HDMI solution:

Mimo 7" Capacitive Touch Portable Base Display, USB (UM-760C)
  • Expandability

    You can work far more efficiently on multiple screens. While most PCs and media players offer only 1 or 2 video outputs, USB technology allows you to add up to 6 more screens.
  • Simplicity and portability

    Just a single cable connects video, touch, and power, making an elegant solution while eliminating cable mess and allowing you to easily take your device anywhere.
  • Power Savings

    A USB graphics solution uses up to 80% less power than a discrete solution. How is that possible? USB displays save a huge amount of power by working in software versus hardware.
  • Security

    Since you’re working with a wired medium, your information cannot easily be captured. That makes USB solutions the perfect fit for any application where security of video information is needed.