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Arming Sales Teams With the Right Ammunition

Arming Sales Teams With the Right Ammunition

Profoundly impacting brand reputations and customer relationships and retention, sales teams drive both business growth and revenue. But how can you ensure that your sales team is equipped with the right weaponry to convert leads into sales? By arming them with the right ammunition.

Meeting the target audience on the front lines, sales teams build relationships, establishing a rapport that allows them to understand their customers’ needs—enabling them to connect the client with the product or services that fits best. And savvy sales reps know that trust is important to any relationship, and work diligently to identify the client’s unique pain points, earning their confidence as they eliminate perceived challenges. They also make it easy for the customer to do business, gaining client loyalty that transcends into long-term partnerships.

So what can you do to ensure your team is properly armed, capable of instilling trust, confidence, and loyalty? Here are five basics sales managers can employ to motivate and improve sales team efforts:

  • Embrace team selling, encouraging collaboration and not competition with a cohesive team approach to sales
  • Engage customers along a range of dimensions, rather than just on price and terms alone, illustrating the added value and services the company and rep bring to the relationship
  • Invest in sales team development, offering inspiration, positive feedback and coaching with actionable insights that empower them to improve
  • Streamline sales processes with clearly defined steps and milestones that guide sellers from prospecting, to presenting, to offering the sale
  • Set realistic sales quotas based on buying cycles, market and region trends

At Mimo Monitors, we believe the most important thing you can do to support your sales force is providing them with the reinforcement and skills to hone in on every client’s unique needs and pain points while ensuring processes are in place to support and streamline their efforts. Set realistic quotas that motivate, rather than devaluate their labor, with marketing and sales teams that are in sync, approaching each lead, potential client and project as a cohesive, collaborative effort. Offer ongoing training and coaching, and seek out new techniques and technologies that will arm your sales team with the ammunition they need to improve and boost the company’s reputation, while in turn, propelling customer base growth, industry reach and overall revenues.

Driven by the human connection and a set of core beliefs that extend to both client and employee relationships, Mimo Monitors is a leading provider of small touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets. Contact the team here at Mimo Monitors for more information.


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