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Four Tips for Using Touch Screens in Digital Signage

Four Tips for Using Touch Screens in Digital Signage

Whether you’re paying for your morning coffee, or scheduling a room for your afternoon meeting, digital touch screen signage is all around us. As a developing technology, digital screens can often be confusing to operate for the user when not introduced intelligently or utilized efficiently. However, with a few small tips and considerations, small touchscreens can elevate your business by speeding up operations, simplifying a shopping transaction, or attracting new and returning customers.

Digital signage should help your business, not hinder it. So, if you’re a company looking to integrate digital signage into your business, we encourage you to keep these tips in mind when choosing a monitor and integrating touch screen signage into your company:

  1. Keep Content Up-To-Date: Ensure your customers are seeing timely, relevant media by regularly updating content.
  2. Choose the Right Media Player: Media comes in all different types and sizes. Assess your content and choose a player that can handle displaying your communications without downtime or lag. The worst digital signage is a black or blue screen.
  3. Scale Your Content: Think of your user and how they will interact with your content. Keep screens small for personal or private transactions like purchases, or lean towards larger screens for conference call monitors seen by a large room.
  4. Sort Your Software: Signage is not one-size-fits-all. The right software needs to back up your business needs. Use wayfinding software for navigation, or scheduling software for conference rooms.

At Mimo Monitors we have over a decade of experience specializing in small-screen displays, monitors, and touchscreens. We remain at the forefront of the industry, crafting leading designs that influence the global digital movement. We design digital monitors by using real customer use-cases so our screens remain the best in the industry in usability and tech for a seamless user experience.

Contact us to learn more about our digital signage solutions and discover new ways the digital revolution can integrate into your business and industry.


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