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Mimo Monitors Introduces 23” Shelf-Edge Stretch Displays, Improving Retail Marketing Effectiveness at the Product Level

Mimo Monitors Introduces 23” Shelf-Edge Stretch Displays, Improving Retail Marketing Effectiveness at the Product Level

At Mimo Monitors, our cutting-edge products drive innovation, delivering a seamless experience for a wide range of uses such as digital signage, conference rooms, kiosks, point of purchase, retail, and more. And now, we’re equipping retailers with exciting new technology that improves marketing effectiveness at the product level by launching Shelf-Edge Stretch Displays.

Replacing Static Pricing Labels with Dynamic, Customizable Displays

Paper-printed labels on shelf-edges are almost as old as the retail store itself. But of course, these placards fulfill only one purpose—product price identification. Antiquated and time-consuming, these tags must be manually swapped out by employees when products or prices change. However, the rapid advancement of digital technology has made a new alternative available: electronic shelf-edge displays. These dynamic, eye-catching devices provide pricing and other vital information which can be updated and personalized instantaneously.

Shelf-Edge Displays Offer Retailers Benefits Aplenty

Ideal for practically any product displayed on a shelf, digital shelf-edge displays deliver a new and powerful marketing tool to retailers. These high-tech devices use video to improve customer engagement, issue discounts and coupons right at the shelf, and allow for pricing adjustments that align with promotions, tests, and limited time only specials. When a stock outage occurs, shelf-edge displays can inform customers of expected replenishment dates or suggest alternative products for purchase. Stores can even generate advertising revenue by promoting specials, as well as competitive or complementary brands, right on the shelf.

Further, by integrating shelf-edge technology with software that monitors the competition’s prices, brands can update their pricing in real-time while simultaneously reassuring customers that they won't get a better price elsewhere. Shelf-edge displays can also deliver social proof via product reviews and customer ratings. And when digital displays are integrated with beacon technology, they can offer a highly personalized experience with the instant delivery of exclusive offers or promotional deals based on data previously collected about a specific customer.

Mimo Monitors’ 23” Shelf-Edge Stretch Displays Were Specifically Designed for Retail

Historically, stretch screens have been made by cutting down larger panels. This process is not only costly, but these displays are prone to higher than acceptable defect rates. Keeping pace with both evolving retailer trends and stretch screen technology, we sought a panel manufacturing partner that was willing to invest in the development of stretch displays from the ground up. This partnership enabled the creation of reliably-built, custom-sized shelf-edge panels—a complete, flexible, and cost-effective solution that maximizes retailer marketing efforts while reducing employee time and dollars spent printing and switching paper labels.

Mimo’s Shelf-Edge display boasts an incredibly bright 700 nit landscape display, far superior to the competition’s 300 nit portrait design that requires specialized content. At approximately 2.5” high and 23” wide, our stretch panel displays advertise right at the product level, fitting perfectly across standard shelving in supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores, clothing stores, and other retail settings. And with a slimmer, sleeker bezel, these panels integrate virtually seamlessly when multiple displays are placed adjacently.

Our 23” Shelf-Edge comes in a display-only version and one with a built-in Android player, offering retail stores several different configuration options, including:

  • Updates via WiFi
  • Multiple displays that run off one video cable with a signal split, feeding up to 6 displays
  • Same or different content sent to each display based on CMS capabilities
  • Single images displayed over multiple screens like a mini video wall

The Mimo Monitors 23” Shelf-Edge Stretch Display is a new wave in digital signage—delivering an effective tool to drive sales and influence buying behavior right at the place and time a product is being considered. As a dedicated partner of the retail industry, we encourage client feedback, providing data that can be implemented into our product architecture moving forward, allowing us to develop more stretch screens in varying sizes as well as specialty displays that meet the future needs of our retailer associates.

To find out more about our stretch screens, please visit https://www.mimomonitors.com/collections/stretch-screens.



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