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Tugboat Gathering of Teams

Tugboat Gathering of Teams

Earlier this month our team returned from the fifth annual Tugboat Institute Gathering of Teams in Nashville, Tn. Our team had the privilege of attending and immersing ourselves in a myriad of great conversations with peers, listening to speakers, attending workshops, and more among the other teams in attendance. The event was an extremely positive experience resulting in our team leaving energized and inspired while emerging with some key insights and learnings from the event.

Here’s a few key takeaways we walked away with:

  • The 7Ps are paramount to running a successful long-term business: The 7p’s are purpose, private, perseverance, profit, pragmatic innovation, people first, and paced growth. It was incredibly insightful to hear how other private businesses navigate these 7Ps and what their strengths and weaknesses are between these areas. We believe Mimo is really strong in many of these arenas, particularly in our people first mentality as prioritizing both our internal team and the way we navigate our collaborations with our customers are always of utmost importance. However, there is one key area that we think needs further strengthening and definition which leads to our next point..
  • We’re working to further understand and hone our purpose: The Tugboat Gathering of Teams really drove home the idea of having a clear, defined purpose that serves as the North Star, guiding business decisions and serving as a key driver. We believe that Mimo needs to further define and understand our purpose and leverage that as more of a means to guide our decisions and our future direction. 
  • Content marketing is and will continue to be vital: As AI evolves and continues to get smarter, videos and images will become even more prominent in search results. It’s important to have up-to-date and ongoing video and images that AI can easily serve up in current and future search results as it continues to proliferate. This means that our investment in quality content can only help us for future business discovery.
  • Having a streamlined and integrated CRM system is crucial: We are in the process of updating and streamlining an integrated CRM system that is user friendly and fully integrated as one system that also includes our operations and accounting. Many companies underestimate the cost and inefficiencies of having several different operating systems to run their business. However, Mimo is on track by ensuring integration for optimal efficiency across our business. 
  • Gathering senior leadership and management together is important and beneficial: This is certainly something that we’ve done from time to time, but gathering our leadership team in this way helped us all ensure alignment with our current business strategy and future long-term goals. 

Overall, the Tugboat Gathering of Teams was incredibly insightful and we greatly enjoyed getting to meet and interact with other companies to share key learnings with one another. We look forward to attending again in 2025.


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