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Mimo UM-760F 7” Display

Mimo UM-760F 7” Display

Mimo UM-760F 7” Display


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7” USB VESA 75 Compatible Non-touch Display

Now in its 3rd generation the 7” Monitor with a VESA 75 mount. The Mimo UM-760F with its simple and easy installation fixture weighs less than a pound and measures less than an inch thick. The UM-760F non-touch monitor is designed to provide the most cost effective touch solutions for consumer, retail POS, and hospitality markets.

  • Utilizes DisplayLink TM technology that provides video, touch and power over a single USB connection. No separate power supply to worry about
  • Can be applied as a secondary customer-facing display in retail POS environments


  • Secondary screen for productivity
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Light industrial shop-floor automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Conferencing

As with all our monitors, the Mimo 760RF is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Note to Mac OS users: requires additional purchase of $35 driver to activate touchscreen capability.

The UM-760 Series

UM-760 Mimo 3G Non-Touch Slider, 1024x600 UM-710
UM-760R Mimo 3G Resistive Touch Slider, 1024x600 UM-720S
UM-760C Mimo 3G Capacitive Touch Slider, 1024x600 with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design New
UM-760-OF Mimo 3G Non-Touch Open Frame, 1024x600 UM-710-OF
UM-760R-OF Mimo 3G Resistive Touch Open Frame, 1024x600 UM-720S-OF
UM-760C-OF Mimo 3G Capacitive Touch Open Frame, with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design New
UM-760F Mimo 3rd Gen non-touch VESA New
UM-760RF Mimo 3G Resistive VESA Mount, 1024x600 UM-720F
UM-760CF Mimo 3G Capacitive VESA Mount, 1024x600 with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design New

USB Extender

If a USB display is perfect for your installation, whether it is desk mounted or wall mounted, but you need the display a long distance from your computing device, check out our USB extender. The major advantage to this extender versus the competition, is that this extender uses Power over Twisted Pair to power the remote side from the source side. No longer do you need to route AC power at your table or wall installation.

Additional Accessories:

Mimo Stylus for resistive touchscreens

Small Case specifically designed for 7” screens

Raspberry Pi Support

Please visit this page for the 7” Monitors: http://www.mimomonitors.com/pages/using-mimo-with-raspberry-pi

Product Specs

Display Size
7 inch

Display Resolution1024 x 600 (WSVGA) LCD


Contrast Ratio

Pixel Pitch
0.15 (H) x 0.15 (V)

View Angle



Power Consumption

When folded: 7”x 5.25”x 1” (thickness),When open: 7”x 4.5” (tall) x 5.25”(base)

  • Utilizes Displaylink for power and video over single USB connection
  • Surface treatment: Hard coating (3H), anti-glare

Download this model's product sheet (PDF)