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7" Open Frame USB Resistive Touch Screen Monitor - UM-760RK-OF

7" Open Frame USB Resistive Touch Screen Monitor - UM-760RK-OF

7" Open Frame USB Resistive Touch Screen Monitor - UM-760RK-OF


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Open Frame 7” USB Resistive Touch Screen Monitor

An open-frame update to the popular UM-760R-OF, the UM-760RK-OF is a sophisticated device that offers the same benefits of its predecessor, but in a more compact and integration-friendly design. In addition to the features introduced with our popular 760R model such as its resistive touchscreen with DisplayLink™ technology, the 760RK-OF incorporates a smaller form factor with a rigid front-mountable metal frame.

The compatibility of this monitor with an expanded array of equipment and housings is important for many business, corporate, and industrial clients seeking to refresh their devices without having to make major alterations to existing operations. Capable of landscape and portrait orientation modes along with video, touch, and power provided over a single USB connection, it is ideal for POS devices and even hospitality markets.

  • Rigid front-mountable metal frame
  • Ultra-light, weighing at less than a pound
  • Resistive 1024x600 LCD touch display
  • Seamless and quick integration thanks to minimalistic design
  • Wide compatibility with existing equipment and 7-inch device housing

The Mimo UM-760RK-OF, like the rest of our line of monitors, is fully compatible with Windows 7 to 10, Linux, and Mac OS software, enabling for unprecedented user-friendliness and ease of access. Carefully engineered to present a pixel-perfect screen resolution and utmost reliability, it is sure to be a wonderful addition to any operating space in need of an efficient and long-lasting open-frame device.

The UM-760 Series

UM-760 Mimo 3G Non-Touch Slider, 1024x600 UM-710
UM-760R Mimo 3G Resistive Touch Slider, 1024x600 UM-720S
UM-760C Mimo 3G Capacitive Touch Slider, 1024x600 with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design New
UM-760-OF Mimo 3G Non-Touch Open Frame, 1024x600 UM-710-OF
UM-760R-OF Mimo 3G Resistive Touch Open Frame, 1024x600 UM-720S-OF
UM-760C-OF Mimo 3G Capacitive Touch Open Frame, with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design New
UM-760F Mimo 3rd Gen non-touch VESA New
UM-760RF Mimo 3G Resistive VESA Mount, 1024x600 UM-720F
UM-760CF Mimo 3G Capacitive VESA Mount, 1024x600 with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design New

USB Extender

If you require just a little more distance between your system and this device, check out our USB extender. Utilizing sophisticated power over twisted pair technology, it makes for less of a hassle by requiring only a single cable to function. No longer do you need to reroute AC power or make sacrifices to get the most out of your device.

Other 7” display options:

7” resistive touch display but with a detachable stand / base – Touch 2


Product Specs

Display Size
7 inches

Display Resolution
1024 x 600 (WSVGA) LCD


Contrast Ratio

Pixel Pitch
0.15 (H) x 0.15 (V)

Viewing Angle


Power Consumption

185.6mm x 107.6mm x 15.1mm

  • Utilizes Displaylink for power, touch and video over single USB connection
  • Resistive Touch

Download this model's product sheet (PDF)